Active Sessions and Two-Step Verification

We know you love Telegram for its seamless multi-device sync. And since there are native Telegram apps for all major mobile, tablet and desktop OSs, a lot of you folks must be logged into your Telegram accounts from several devices at once.

Today's Telegram update, in addition to rich link summaries, adds Active Sessions to your Privacy and Security settings. This screen shows all your logged in devices with IP info. You can also close any sessions that are outdated or (God forbid!) suspicious.

Two-Step Verification

Another addition to the Privacy and Security section is Two Step Verification. It allows you to set up a password that will be required every time you log into your account from a new device – in addition to the code you get in the SMS.

Be careful though: if you forget this password, you won't be able to access your messages from other devices. We recommend setting up a recovery e-mail or at least a hint for your password, if you decide to turn on Two Step Verification.

Stay safe!

April 8, 2015
The Telegram Team