Telegram Premium FAQ

This FAQ covers the main questions about Telegram Premium.
Check out our Premium Terms of Service for more information, as well as our Basic FAQ for general questions about Telegram.

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Privacy and Data

Q: What is Telegram Premium?

Telegram Premium is an optional subscription service that unlocks additional exclusive features, while helping support the development of the app. It is a part of Telegram’s sustainable monetization – driven by our users, rather than advertisers or shareholders. This way, Telegram can remain independent and prioritize its users first.

Read the Telegram Premium announcement on the Telegram Blog

Q: What features are included?

At the moment, all Premium users receive:

The @Premium channel contains detailed descriptions of each feature, as well as a list of all Premium stickers.

Q: How can I subscribe?

Users can subscribe via the App Store, Google Play (Telegram Settings > Telegram Premium) or @PremiumBot. Subscribing via the bot gives users a discounted price, because the payments are not subject to fees from Apple or Google.

@PremiumBot is currently accessible from the direct versions of Telegram's Android, Desktop and macOS apps.

Q: Is Telegram still free?

Yes! All features that existed before Telegram Premium was introduced remain free to use – including unlimited cloud storage, large groups and channels, voice and video calls, support for multiple devices and accounts, tens of thousands of stickers and countless other features. Moreover, future Telegram updates will continue to add new features for all users.

Q: Do I need Premium to interact with other Premium users?

There are no restrictions for non-Premium users. On the contrary, many premium features also benefit free users. For example, anyone can download 4 GB files uploaded by premium users, watch the animations of premium stickers, or tap to increase the count of exclusive reactions already added by premium users.


The full list of premium features is available on the @Premium channel.

Q: Will users receive new free features in the future?

Yes, users who do not subscribe will still continue to receive many new features. Telegram Premium allows us to offer all the resource-heavy features users have asked for over the years, while preserving free access to the most powerful messenger on the planet.

Q: Why are some premium features not available in some apps?

If you subscribe to Telegram Premium, your account gains access to all available premium features. Some clients may not immediately support one or several of these features – to take full advantage of your subscription, consider using one of our official apps, such as Telegram for Android, iOS, Desktop and macOS.

Q: Is it guaranteed that my download speed will increase after subscribing?

Subscribing lifts any media download speed limits from your account on Telegram’s side. If your download speed does not increase, you may be facing other limits caused by your hardware, internet provider, etc.

See our Terms of Service for a more detailed explanation.

Q: Can I turn off my premium badge?

The badge is currently visible next to the names of all Telegram Premium subscribers.

Q: Why can my non-premium friends add premium reactions?

Some premium features can be accessed by users who did not subscribe, provided that a subscriber uses them first. For example, if you subscribe and add a premium reaction to a message, your friends can add reactions of the same type to that message. This also applies to files: any user can download large 2+ GB files uploaded by premium users.

Q: Why do I still see advertisements in channels?

Official Sponsored Messages are minimalist, non-targeted advertisements that Telegram may show in some large, public one-to-many channels that have a high number of subscribers. These advertisements will be hidden for users that subscribe to Telegram Premium.

Channel admins may independently post promotional content via messages or media in their communities – this is outside Telegram’s control, and would still appear for Premium users.

See our Terms of Service for a detailed explanation.


Q: Can I sign up from any app?

Yes, you can subscribe to Telegram Premium from any app or platform you prefer – even if you don’t use that particular device very often. Premium features sync across your entire account, and are available on all your devices.

Subscribing via @PremiumBot in Direct Apps is cheaper than signing up via Google Play or the App Store.

Q: I have multiple Telegram accounts, can I subscribe with all of them under a single Google account/Apple ID?

No. A single Google account/Apple ID only supports one ongoing subscription at any given time. For more accounts, you can use @PremiumBot on a supported app to buy additional subscriptions.

Q: Why is Telegram Premium not available in my country?

It’s possible that local laws and regulations prevent people from accessing Telegram Premium in your country. It’s also possible that your country isn’t supported by the payment processors Telegram relies on. In either case, we continue to do our best to keep all Telegram services available for everyone.

Q: Why is @PremiumBot not working for me?

This is due to two possible reasons – either Telegram Premium is not available in your country, or your app was downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, and therefore does not support @PremiumBot.

Q: Why can I not subscribe from the app I am using?

Telegram Premium features are currently supported by Telegram for Android, iOS and macOS, as well as Telegram Desktop and Telegram Web. Other clients, such as Telegram X or third-party apps may not support some Premium features at the moment.

Q: Will the subscription apply to all my accounts?

Each account requires its own subscription to Telegram Premium. When you subscribe, that account can access its Premium features on any connected devices.

Q: Can I transfer my subscription to another account?

This is currently not possible, however, you can freely change the number associated with your account without losing your subscription.

Q: Can I buy a premium subscription for my groups and channels?

Premium features are currently tied to individual users, and can be utilized in any chat – benefiting not only the Premium user, but also their contacts and subscribers. That said, future developments for Telegram Premium could include community-focused options.

Q: Can I buy a premium subscription for my bots?

Premium bots are currently not supported. Telegram evolves quickly, be sure to follow our blog to find out if this feature becomes available in the future.


Q: Are there any discounts?

Yearly subscriptions are available at a significant discount. Additionally, all subscriptions purchased via @PremiumBot are discounted by default, since they are not subject to fees from Apple or Google.

Q: Can I pay in my local currency?

When subscribing via @PremiumBot, the currency and price of your first Premium subscription (i.e., first month or year) are based on the country code of the phone number of your Telegram account. After this initial payment, all future payments are calculated for the currency of the country of your payment method. (E.g., if your card was issued by a bank in the UK, the payment will be in GBP.)

In order to qualify for localized pricing, your payment method must be issued by a financial institution in that country and have a local billing address.

If you subscribe via the Play Store or App Store, your currency will be based off your account with Google or Apple.

Q: Why is the subscription price different in my app/country?

We do our best to keep the cost of Telegram Premium as consistent as possible – this may include slight variations to reflect local living standards and keep Telegram Premium obtainable for everyone. When you subscribe, the price you see may include store or third-party fees, local taxes and any other applicable fees that are outside of Telegram’s control.

Q: Why do gifted subscriptions have a different price?

Gifted subscriptions use the global rate so that they can be sent to and from users in any country. You can always get someone started with a gift, after which they can set up a local subscription.

Q: Why is my preferred payment method not available?

Telegram works with payment providers and app stores to provide a wide range of supported payment methods. If your payment method is not available, you should consider trying all available subscription options: the premium subscription will apply to all supported apps regardless of which one was used to subscribe.

Q: Can I gift a premium subscription to my friends or share it with my family?

Yes. If you have already subscribed to Telegram Premium, open any user’s profile – you’ll see a 'Gift Premium' button under Menu iOS or Menu Android to send them a prepaid subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months. Prepaid subscriptions are available at discounted rates.


Q: How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your premium subscription via the same provider you used to purchase it.

  • @PremiumBot - Open the bot on Telegram and send the /stop command.
  • Google Play - You can manage your subscription by tapping on your avatar in the top right and navigating to Payments & subscription > Subscriptions.
  • iOS - Go to your iOS Settings > Apple ID Settings > Subscriptions.

Telegram Premium purchases are handled by third-parties (e.g. @PremiumBot, Google Play, Apple App Store).

Q: What happens if I cancel my subscription?

When you cancel your subscription, all future payments for Telegram Premium are also canceled. You will still have access to all your Premium features until the end of the current billing period, after which they will expire.

Once your subscription expires, your features will be revoked as follows:

  • Extra Usernames - You will retain any usernames you have already created but will not be able to create new public usernames unless you own less than 10.
  • Extra Channels, extra chats in folders - Your channels and folders will stay as they are, but you will not be able to join more channels or add more chats to those folders.
  • Extra Folders - The first 10 folders will remain functional. Any additional folders will be locked.
  • Extra GIFs - Any GIFs past 200 will be hidden.
  • Longer Bio - Your bio will not be changed, but you can’t save any edits unless it is ≤ 70 characters.
  • Extra Pinned Chats - Your first 5 pinned chats will remain, but any additional ones will be unpinned.
  • Download Speed - Your files will download at standard speed.
  • Premium Badge - Your premium badge will disappear.

All free functionality will remain exactly as it was before subscribing.

Q: What happens if I change my number?

You can freely change the phone number associated with your account without losing your subscription – the subscription is linked to your Telegram account, not to your phone number.

Q: What happens if I uninstall my Telegram app?

Uninstalling Telegram does not cancel your subscription – it will remain available on any device at any time. Note that uninstalling the app or not opening it for some time does not pause your subscription, and you will be billed on its original renewal date.

Q: What happens if I delete my account?

If you subscribe via @PremiumBot, deleting your account will terminate your recurring payments, as the Bot will not be able to charge an account that no longer exists. It will not be possible to refund any ‘unused’ portion of your billing period.

If you subscribe to Premium via the App Store or Google Play, you will need to cancel your subscription through your Apple or Google account settings – as these platforms may continue to charge you, even if you deleted your Telegram account or application.

Q: Does Premium mean I can never get banned? What happens if I do?

Telegram Premium does not come with any special treatment – if you don’t play nice, Telegram may limit some of the functionalities available to you, including your access to the Telegram platform. Therefore, if you violate our Terms of Service and receive a ban, you might lose the benefits of Telegram Premium and we will not compensate you for this loss.

Privacy and Data

Check out our full privacy policy for more details.

Q: Will Telegram store my credit card information?

No, Telegram does not store your credit card information. You purchase a premium subscription via a third-party (e.g. Google Play, Apple App Store, or a payment provider via bots like @PremiumBot), so you additionally agree to their terms of service and you should check their individual privacy policies.

Q: What happens to my data?

Telegram only requires a phone number to sign up and access all of its functionality. Subscribing to Telegram Premium additionally requires that a user provide a payment method, which is directly transferred to a third-party payment processor. Any personal details from your payment method never reach Telegram’s servers, and are securely processed solely by the payment provider.

Q: If I subscribe, will the payment processor be able to monitor what I do on Telegram or how often I use premium features?

No, payment processors cannot access your Telegram activity in any way.

Q: Will other users know that I bought Telegram Premium?

Other users will see that you are subscribed by your Telegram Premium badge.
They will not be able to see how you subscribed or how much you spent.