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Telegram supports powerful polls for groups and channels which can be used for everything from deciding where to have lunch to organizing public service exams or leaderless protests.

Quiz-style polls are a special kind of poll that has one correct answer and an optional explanation which makes them ideal for educational purposes.

Quiz Bot

With the help of Quiz Bot you can create multi-question quizzes and share them with others. The bot lets you add text or media before questions to help create exam-style prompts with graphs and tables – or Know Your Meme tests.


You can set up a time limit for each question. The bot will keep tabs on how many questions users got right and how much time it took them to complete the quiz. It also keeps a global leaderboard for each quiz you create.

Creating a Quiz

Creating a quiz is very easy, just open @quizbot on Telegram, press 'START' and follow the prompts. If you're having any difficulty, please take a look at our Step-By-Step Instructions.

Sharing your Quiz

Once your quiz is ready, you can share it to a group or channel – or invite users to answer questions privately, in a chat with the bot. To see how this works, try our demo quiz: Who is Who in the 'Great Minds' sticker pack.

You can browse thousands of quizzes created during the 2020 Quiz Contest on quiz.directory.

Making your own Quiz Bot

If you are a developer, you are welcome to use the Telegram Bot API to create your own bot that supports polls and quizzes.

Creating a Quiz, Step-By-Step

Creating a quiz is very easy, just open @quizbot on Telegram, press 'START' and follow the prompts.

1. Name and description. First you will give your quiz a name and an optional description – for educational tests, it's best to use the subject matter, like Organic Chemistry I or British Royal History. The description could contain information or instructions like “you will need a graphing calculator for this test”.

2. Pre-question text or media. Now comes the time to create the quiz's questions. Tapping the 'Create a question' button opens the template to create your first question. However, if you would like text or media to appear before a question, send that first, before tapping 'Create a question'.

3. Questions. Once in the new-question interface, simply fill out the fields for what the question is asking, as well as its possible answers. Select the right answer by tapping on it, which will mark it with a green check.

4. Explanations. If you want to participate in our contest, you should add an explanation to each of your questions. Explanations will appear after users choose an answer. They can be used to give more information, clarify common errors, and support full text formatting, including hyperlinks. Once you are finished, tap 'Send' to add the question to your test. Repeat the question-making process until you've added all your quiz's questions, then send /done in the chat.

5. Timer. Next, the bot will ask you to choose how long users will have to answer each question. For questions that don't require any calculations, 10 or 15 seconds is usually enough. But for something like math, longer timers like 3 to 5 minutes are best. You can always change this setting later on, so don't worry.

6. Shuffle questions or answer options. The bot will then ask whether you'd like to shuffle question and answer options – meaning the questions will come up in a random order, and the answers for individual questions will be in a random order as well. It's normally a good idea to say 'Yes' here, so students can retake the quiz for practice without simply memorizing the order. However, if you have “all of the above” style answers, or questions that work best if presented in a specific order, select 'No'. Again, this setting can be changed in the future if needed.

7. Submitting your quiz to the contest. The bot will ask if you would like to submit your quiz to the contest. If you choose yes, it will ask a couple of additional questions to confirm your submission.

8. Testing or sharing your quiz. Your quiz is complete! From here, you'll see an overview of your new quiz, showing the number of questions and its settings. You can 'Start this quiz’, which will do so in a private chat with QuizBot, start it in a group, or forward the quiz to someone via 'Share quiz'. To copy the unique link to your quiz, press and hold 'Start quiz in a group'.

9. Editing your quizzes. Tapping 'Edit quiz' will allow you to alter any of the quiz's questions or settings, including its title and description. From 'Edit questions' you can add pre-question text or media, replace the question with improved answers, or even add additional questions. To select an individual question to edit, tap its /view link from the panel.

10. Quiz stats. Lastly, you can view Quiz Stats. This shows how many people have taken the quiz, along with who answered the questions most correctly and quickest. You are now the quiz master, ready to put your subjects to the test.