Animated Backgrounds

Introducing animated backgrounds and more

In addition to Group Video Calls, this update adds animated backgrounds and message sending animations, as well as a new menu button for bots, new ways to import stickers, reminders to help keep your account safe, and more.

Animated Backgrounds

Meet animated backgrounds for chats – first time in a messaging app! These multi-color gradient wallpapers are generated algorithmically and move beautifully every time you send a message.

Our designers added these smooth, energy-efficient animations to all default themes.

You can find more animated backgrounds in Settings. Android: Chat Settings > Change Chat Background. iOS: Appearance > Chat Background.

Creating & Sharing Backgrounds

In case the default options are not enough, it's super-easy to create your own animated backgrounds. Choose three or four colors to unlock the animation, then add an optional pattern for extra style.

When ready, share your animated wallpapers with friends and family to upgrade them to a new level of messaging experience.

Message Sending Animations

Stickers and emoji now seamlessly hop from your keyboard into the chat – with lightweight animations that won’t affect your battery.

On iOS, this also applies to media you send from the attachment panel, and even text messages. Your input text smoothly transforms into the message bubble as it flies into the chat.

iOS: Semi-Transparency & New App Icons

On iOS, backgrounds are now partially visible through the header and the footer in chats, giving the interface a classy new look.

Two new gradient app icons are available in Settings > Appearance in addition to the classic blue and black versions:

Two new app icons on iOS

We also added a Telegram Features button at the bottom of the Settings menu on iOS, which opens the Telegram Tips channel. Tips are available in 10 languages, including the newly added Turkish version.

The same button was already on Android, you can find it in the side menu.

Login Info Reminders

It is essential to keep your Telegram phone number up to date to ensure you can always log in to your account. If your phone number has changed, you can quickly update it right from the new reminder in Settings on iOS.

Reminder about keeping your phone number up to date

Android users will get these reminders in the next update, for now they can simply update their phone number by tapping on it in Settings.

Users on all platforms will receive a notification from Telegram each time their Two-Step Verification settings are changed.

Two-Step Verification on Telegram lets you set up an additional password, which you will need to enter every time you log in to your account.

Bot Menu

We made it easier to communicate with bots, adding a special menu button that lets you browse and send commands. Bots can also change the placeholder in the input field to give you a better idea of what kind of message they are expecting.

Bot developers can now create commands that change based on a user’s interface language and chat type, as well as special commands that only appear in specific chats or for admins.

More info is available in the Bot API documentation.

Importing Stickers

The @stickers bot can help you create new sticker packs as well as get usage stats for your stickers.

Today we're giving third-party developers the tools to make apps that help people generate new custom unique stickers and import their creations to Telegram in one tap.

If you are a developer interested in making apps that help users create stickers and publish them on Telegram, check out the new Sticker Importing Manual.

Remember, if you simply want Telegram users to install the stickers you made, you don't need any apps! Just upload your stickers using our bot, then share the link to your pack with others.

New animated emoji

This update is all about motion, so we couldn't go without new animated emoji. As always, simply send a message with a single emoji to get one of these in a chat:

Time to try out the new features — while we get back to building more of what you asked for, plus a few surprises we have in mind. Stay tuned.

Read on to learn about Group Video Calls, if you haven't already.

June 25, 2021
The Telegram Team

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